Contract Fencing

We have over 20 years of experience in installaion & supply of fences. More information>>


Various styles of Timber Gates and Galvanised Steel Gates. More information>>

Fencing Supplies

Packs of Stakes and Wire Mesh available for purchase. More information>>


Bill O'Donogue Fencing & Gates are very experienced in supply and installation of domestic, agricultural and industrial gates. We can supply gates to your requirements that are top quality.

Timber Gates

  • A range of different styles available
  • High quality, durable and stylish gates
  • Constructed from timber that is pressure treated to a high level
  • Long life span
  • Sizes available from x to x
  • Double gates available

Galvanised Steel Gates

  • Heavy duty steel galvanised gates
  • Provide strength, security and durability
  • Dipped in hot galvanise ensuring that rusting is eliminated
  • Long life span
  • Available with mesh for further security
  • Sizes available from x to x
  • Double gates available

Gate Posts

  • Square gate posts
  • Round gate posts

Our Work

Paddock Style Timber Gates...
Paddock Style Timber Gates

Ranch Style Timber Gates...
Ranch Style Timber Gates

Galvanised Steel Gates With Mesh...
Galvanised Steel Gates With Mesh

Galvanised Steel Gates...
Galvanised Steel Gates